Third Party Manufacturing

Third Party Manufacturing also termed as Contract Manufacturing is a term which is used to discuss about the outsourcing of some of the processes associated with normal manufacturing to a third – party.  Being more precise, third party manufacturing is the offloading of few production processes which were actually planned to be done by the manufacturer himself to a third-party. A pharma company may decide to offload the manufacturing process for few of components for the product or the process of assembling/printing etc. These days third party contract manufacturing companies have became specialists in a number of services for manufacturing covering designing, production as well as product distribution.

Own Manufacturing unit in Baddi


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Medivaxia Pharma is one of the leaders who are at a remarkable top position undertaking the third party contract manufacturing, supplying and exporting for a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines including but not limited to pharma tablets, pharma capsules, healthcare syrups, dry suryps, Injections and many more. All these are used to heal a wide range of health related diseases. The parent company Biophar Lifesciences has during last 5 years of expansion in the distribution network and manufacturing pharma drugs we have touched the target of manufacturing more than 500 million tablets, 100 million capsules, 25 million oral liquids and 5 million of dry syrups. We have a brand recognision and a good name for undertaking various Research and Development activities (R&D) to improve the effectiveness of our medicinces and reduce the time it takes to heal. Medivaxia Pharma is one of the few pharmaceutical companies which has its pharma third party manufacturing in baddi to maintain full control for quality, on-time delivery and cost control related to third party contract manufacturing services for pharma industry.

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